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You have just become the leader of a colony. Your people will come to you for advice and knowledge. Advise them and help make the critical decisions to keep the colony alive, and expanding.You will have to answer a series of questions, each of which have an effect on the colony.

The four key factors are:

Colony - Infrastructure and Living Quarters

Business - Local business and economy

Science - Research and Technology to advance your colony

Military - Protect the colony and build defenses from foreign nations

After a round of question, you will see the results and it will be added to the overall influence of each factor shown in the top left corner. If you let any one factor get too high or too low, you might face trouble. Each round will get progressively longer and will take more effort to balance all of the factors. Survive 4 rounds of questions and you win.

Please note this game requires Java installed to run.


Forerunner 10 MB

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